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Kazbo: Artwork - Intasubjective

The platform metapop.com allows music producers to exchange feedback on tracks, communicate within groups or participate in remix contests. Probably you are thinking now that this is just another platform like Indaba or other remix platforms. The particularity here is that Metapop is part of Native Instruments, the famous music soft- and hardware producer from Berlin, which means that the focus is on electronic dance music.

We got aware about Metapop by Nomine aka Outrage who has set up a group called Education & Bass. He and his fellows Nurve, X=X, Occult or other group members  provide productive feedback on tracks that you once have uploaded onto your profile page and then submitted into the group of Education & Bass.  It’s always helpful to get other perspectives and views on your productions. This besides direct feedback from the dancefloor is quite valuable. We have uploaded now a first version of our latest production “Intasubjective“. It’s a drum’n’bass track with a reference to jungle vibes. The release date is mid December 2018. If you want to notified about the release just subscribe to Kazbo’s bassletter.
Feedback on metapop.com_Intasubjective