Bridge To Exit receives a “Rewind Ralph” on Nomines Facebook Live Feedback Session

Nomine @ Facebook Live Feedback Session
Yes, that was really fun! On one of Nomine’s “Facebook Live Feedback Shows” we had the honor that “Bridge To Exit” was played for the first time to a public audience. For that moment we just wanted to get some constructive feedback by Nomine. But then to our surprise the Rewind Ralph ceremony took place. As Nomine and the folks who were watching the show liked the track, it received a rewind. It must be added that does happen to much in  Nomine’s feedback sessions. Goosebumps in full effect! Just jump into 12min 50 sec where our track is played. It’s nice to see that Nomine was feeling the vibe of the track. He described the track as a “fu**in’ wicked little liquid roller with balls”. Thanks for the props, Nomine! Enjoy!