Kazbo tracks on diverse radio shows – thank you!

Vinyl Asyl November 2019 with Dash & Nikki Nik

2019 was a good one for Kazbo and 2020 will be better. In the last three months we have had the joy of listening to our tracks on diverse and important radio shows in Germany and even London. All of them presented our tracks in the context of bass music in general or drum’n’bass specifically.

Tracks that had been played were

    • Intasubjective (on Riddim Box radio)
    • Pneumatics (on eldoradio)
    • Rush Hour (on koelncampus)
    • How might we…? (on MusicBox)
    • Rubber Band (on MusicBox)

We want to thank Sesner & Demic from Riddim Box, dongrizz from Music Box UK, NuSonix from radio koelncampus and finally Dash from eldoradio for their support.

Listen to the shows! Unfortnately the show on koelncampus is not available as on-demand stream.